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The First ASUGA Webinar Hit a Homerun!

October 11, 2012: Words Matter: Effective Communication in the Contact Center with Pamela Jett

  You missed the first webinar, and it was worth the time.  Fortunately, it’s now on the ASUGA website.


  Pamela Jett discusses 

  • Three words and/or phrases to start using, stop using or continue using 
  • How remarkable communication is positive, inquisitive, future focused and emotionally intelligent
  • That superstar skills include knowing how to set limits, making the hidden obvious and not allowing difficult conversations to get sidetracked


My two favorite tips were

  • “They can’t get your goat if you don’t tell them where it’s tied up,” Zig Zigler
  • Quit taking what happens personally.  Put up your deflector shield (to borrow from Star Trek)


The next webinar will be

Thursday, November 8, at 12:00 PM ET

Karla Brandi presents “Great Goal Setting Strategies”


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