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We created the Aspect Community for you - so that you have a place to discuss ideas, ask questions, and share your knowledge and best practices with a vibrant network of other professionals. We encourage you to use the Community space to continue building the knowledge and expertise you need to be successful in your job every day. The Aspect Community is open to any user who wants to participate. We've provided these guidelines as basic 'rules of the road' when interacting within the Community.

Please DO

  • Participate! While you will see Aspect employees occasionally participating in discussions, this Community will be driven by the content created by our customers, partners, and other Aspect professionals. We hope you feel free to start discussions on any topic important to you, and that you respond to questions and comments posted by other Community members.
  • Keep it professional, AND be personal. While this Community is focused on professional topics, completing your user profile with personal facts helps the Community to get to know you better. The more you share, the more connections you can make. Share your passion for your job through your interactions - but use other social channels to discuss or post pictures of your personal pursuits. Keep your interactions in the Aspect Community professional and respectful.
  • Provide Feedback. We want to know what you think! Your ideas and feedback help us further shape the Community experience. Visit the Community Help space to provide your suggestions.
  • Get Others Involved. Feel free to invite people you think would add to the conversation or benefit from members' perspectives. You do not need to be an Aspect customer to participate.

Please DON'T

  • No posting of offensive content. Don't upload content or add comments that are inappropriate for a professional setting. We will take action to remove any material that does not meet our standards. Threatening, pornographic, disruptive, or defamatory content is not permissible at any time.
  • Don't post material that you do not own. Photos, documents, or other items that are copyright- or trademark-protected or otherwise belong to other people and companies should not be posted in the Community without attribution. If the content is available on the internet, post a link rather than copy the content into a Community post. Do not share information that is under Non-Disclosure Agreement or otherwise confidential.
  • Don't use the Aspect Community as a sales platform. This is an opportunity to share ideas and experiences with peers, not an opportunity to market products and services. You may provide information about any products or services you provide within your profile.
  • Don't use the Community spaces to air grievances. The Aspect Community is not an appropriate venue for venting frustration or harassing others. We invite you to keep the discussions civil and respectful and free of rants and ridicule. If we receive complaints from other members, we will respond accordingly.

Use of the Aspect Community is subject to Aspect's Terms of Use. Our Community relies on your support to be successful. Please let us know how we can continue to improve your experience. And, if you observe any questionable behavior within the Community spaces, please notify a Moderator or Community Manager immediately.

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