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The ASUGA Board have put together a new "at a glance" sheet on all about ASUGA.  Take a few moments to take a read and share with your colleagues.

You can view the sheet here ->ASUGA at a glance facts sheet.pdf

ASUGA is asking everyone to take a visit to the ASUGA Members  area to answer our Quick Question Poll.

What feature do you find the most useful / interesting on the Community website?


Thank you in advance for taking part.

Are you coming to ACE Europe?  Details have now been released for ACE Europe being held near to Heathrow Airport, UK.  Full details and for registration are on the web site.

ASUGA is asking everyone to take a visit to the ASUGA Members  area to answer our Quick Question Poll.

Have you ever posted a question on the Community website about an Aspect product you use every day?


Thank you in advance for taking part.

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to update their User Profile.  There are still a good number of community members that haven't yet updated their details, especially Country.  During 2013, Aspect made some changes to the User Profile page so that the Country and State/County fields are captured.  This helps ASUGA and Aspect get a better feel on where in the world everyone is from.  ASUGA is keen that everyone takes a moment to update your user profile so that your Country and State/County field is completed.  Of course, adding some additional information to the other fields would be nice too.

It's really simple to get to your profile.  Towards the top of this screen you will see "Welcome, {your name}.  Just click the drop down arrow there and select "Edit Profile & Privacy"


The ASUGA Board would like to thank you in advance for taking a few moments out to help capture some really useful information about all our community members.

Come find ASUGA on Facebook!  We have our own Fan Page so please stop by and click and "Like" our page.

Please join us for the next ASUGA webinar:

The Only Constant is Change

  • Moderator: Jeff Tobe, motivational speaker and author of the book Coloring Outside the Lines
  • Presenter: Chris Clarke-Epstein, change expert and author

Good decisions have been made, logical plans developed, and state-of-the-art equipment delivered. Now, all that is needed for success is motivated people willing to change. But when you look around, all you see are grumpy folks dragging their heels, acting as though you’re asking them to do something extraordinary and impossible.

What’s going on? You’ve hit the very human wall of change resistance.

In this webinar, Chris Clarke-Epstein, will share:

  • The number one reason people resist change – even the changes that are in their best interest
  • How to measure, identify and counter resistance to change levels
  • A three-step, on-the-spot change evaluation method that manages negative chatter
  • The five best practices of leaders during change

About Chris Clarke-Epstein
Chris is the principal of Change101, a consulting firm that assists leaders and their teams through change. Change 101’s international client base is found from Australia to Peoria, San Francisco to Cyprus, and Toronto to Minneapolis. Chris has written 14 books that have been published in 12 languages – all known for practical solutions that work in the real world.

Register here

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