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Hi everyone!

We are in the planning stages for several of our future webinars, and would like to get your input on what kinds of topics you'd like to learn more about. Some of our past sessions have included topics such as Aspect system tips and Q&A, leadership development, new Aspect products and existing product enhancements, teamwork, and change management, but please don't limit yourself to those topics!


Please leave your ideas as a comment on this blog post, and we'll take all of them into consideration.


Thank you!

Hello ASUGA members!

I hope you had an opportunity to attend the webinar held on October 10, 2013, which provided some insight, tips, and best practices for using eWorkforce Management, and gave a glimpse into what’s on the horizon in eWFM version 8. If you didn’t, you can view replay of the webinar on the ASUGA Webinars webpage, where you can also download the presentation slides.


Along with the highly interactive Q&A that took place throughout the session, attendees were also able to learn how to:

  • Set eWFM so that the FTE Scheduled on a Schedule Test match the FTE Scheduled on a Schedule Run,
  • Nest Employee Groups to simplify reporting and ease eWFM administration,
  • Use Perspectives and States to avoid deleting a rebuilding superstates when new segments are added to eWFM,
  • Update forecast weighting parameters, and
  • Activate the Schedule Efficiency setting in eWFM.


This session was very interactive, and we received a lot of real time questions. We did the best we could to answer as many as we could as we went through the materials, but due to time constraints we weren't able to get to them all during the session. All questions have been recorded, and we'll be answering those that weren't responded to live on this blog entry, so check back often for updates! If you thought of a question after the session that you'd like to have answered by your peers or by Aspect, visit the the Workforce Management section of Community and start a discussion about it today!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was able to attend the session in person, and to invite those of you that weren’t able to attend to take a little time to review the replay. Much was covered, and there’s something that even the most advanced eWFM users can apply to their environments.


Lastly, we want to hold webinars that interest you, so I would also like to ask for your feedback on both the session content and topic. Would you like to see a similar webinar held for a different Aspect product, or would you like to see more soft-skill type webinars? Were you a fan of the interactive Q&A during the session, or would you like to see all of the questions held until the end of the presentation? Please don’t be shy…All feedback shared will be reviewed by the ASUGA Board of Directors and Aspect as we plan future webinar sessions.


Thanks everyone!

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