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With a bit of sadness and much eager anticipation, I hand the reins to the ASUGA Presidency to Ric Wilson.


(ASUGA will continue to be a big part in my life, and so I will continue as a Board member, to stay 'in the know' !     Judy)


Please join Ric and I in welcoming the 2016-2017 Board:


Ric Wilson, Ninzi-Connect Software ( South Africa)  – new President/CEO

Shawn Livengood, HGS (USA) -  President/Financial

Shannon Scott, JP Morgan Chase (USA) – Administrative Director

Kevin Cardwell, Blackbox (Canada) – Membership Director

Anand Vyas, Alitsource Business Solutions (India) – Communications Director

Steve Mathis, USAN (USA)  – Co-Regional Liaison

Judy Bevak, TD Auto Finance (USA) – reelected Board member

Tina George, Wells Fargo (USA) – reelected Board member

Jason Ecenbarger, Hyundai Capital (USA) – Board member

Trilokkumar Bargur, NCI Altisource  (India) – Board member

Rob Ritter, Comcast (USA) – Board member

Tom Ball, Mercedes-Benz Financial (USA) – new Board member

Richard Sandoval, City of Mesa (USA) – new Board member

Jennifer Seitz, Startek (USA) – new Board member

Natalie Robertson, FRHI Hotels & Resorts (Canada) – new Board member

Shikesh Lalbahadur, Ninzi-Connect Software (South Africa) – new Board member

Mike Jourard, Bank of Montreal (Canada) – new Board member

Sanjai Sengupta, HSBC (India) – new Board member


(Open positions are Website Director, Programme Communications Director, second co-regional liaison, second Administrative Director,

and filling these will be discussed in the next couple Board meetings.)

We are proud to welcome 7 new members and three returining Board members:


Shawn Livengood, HGS-USA (returning President/Financial)

Shannon Scott, JP Morgan Chase - USA

Ric Wilson, Ninzi-Connect - South Africa

Robert Ritter, Comcast - USA

Jason Ecenbarger, Hyundai Capital - USA

Steve Mathis, USAN - USA

Kevin Cardwell, Blackbox - Canada (returning)

Anand Vyas, Altisource Business Solutions - India

Suzette Hollen, Sutherland Global Services - USA (returning)

Trilokkumar Bargur, NCI Altisource - India

As January comes to a close, and as the new year of 2104 progresses, I extend this ASUGA President Vision, along with a look back on what was accomplished in 2012 and 2013:


2012 saw ASUGA transition from being a North American organization into a global, with someone from the UK joining the Board.

The ASUGA organization was incorporated in the state of Florida.

The ASUGA Board helped in testing the launch of the new Community website, with a new home for ASUGA on its web pages, just in time for the ACE conference, where we were a Gold Sponsor.

All meeting minutes (current and historical) and official ASUGA documents were placed on the website in the Board space.

Mid-year, we started co-hosting with Jeff Tobe and Aspect the webinars on soft skills. It was my decision as President to store them on the ASUGA space, as an incentive to people to become ASUGA members.


2013 saw someone from Spain join the Board.

We continued the Jeff Tobe webinars, along with our first non-soft skills ASUGA led webinar on eWFM - which was a big hit!

Along with all of Aspect rebranding, Community and ASUGA web spaces changed alos, with the Board's web team working diligently to make many improvements to content and visibility.

The Board requested an ASUGA link be added to the Aspect Customer Support page and the Training page.

ASUGA gained a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Almost half of the Board attended ACE, where ASUGA again was a Gold Sponsor.

At the Board's request, Aspect granted all Community members automatic ASUGA membership, with the goal to simplify the joining process, drive membership and visibility.

The Board and Aspect continue to work together to create ways to improve the membership experience.


2014 will see ASUGA re-incorporated in the state of Delaware, with a firm to handle our annual LLC registration. Mike Adams and I are working closely on this.

Watch later this year, as we may see the ASUGA website present a different appearance again.

We will be hosting webinars (in the “even” months) that are more call center driven or technical in nature. The “odd” months will continue with the soft skills webinars.

Watch for the first survey posted in the ASUGA space by the end of February. This will assist the Board in knowing what the membership would like to see, so we definitely welcome your feedback.


The Directors on the ASUGA Board will continue to push for local user group meetings and work with Aspect on networking opportunities.

If your location can host a meeting, please reach out to our Local Leader Liaisons John Grdina or Shawn Livengood or send an email to, and we’ll willingly do most of the work!

Also, look for more blogs and discussions on the Community site, or even start a discussion of your own in the ASUGA space  on any contact center related topic.


My ongoing vision as President is to present the ASUGA membership increased opportunities to network, both locally and across the globe.

The Board and I continue to strive to improve communication, both electronically and in-person, and I look forward as always, to meet more ASUGA members at ACE 2014 in Miami.

Please stop by the ASUGA Booth when you're at ACE in May. This year, Board members will be wearing a Board ribbon on our nametags, so we're easier to spot. I look forward to meeting you all!


Welcome new ASUGA Board members!

Posted by judyb Dec 14, 2012

The voting results are in! Please join me in congratulating and welcoming both our new and returning board members.   
I am very excited for the 2013 Board and am positive that we have assembled an exceptional group to support ASUGA's mission.


Marco Silva, Citigroup, Spain

Justin Azcona, Bank of America,

Kevin Cardwell, Blackbox, Canada

Mark Smith, Santander Consumer USA Inc., USA

John Grdina, Cleveland Clinic, USA

Suzette Hollen, Stream Global Services, USA

Jason Hilliard, Jewelry TV, USA

Ken Hays, Florida Blue Cross & Blue Shield, USA

Rachel Honeywood, USAN, USA

Shawn Livengood, HGS, USA


Watch for another blog post from me in January where I'll announce the positions that were filled.

Meanwhile, the ASUGA Board and I wish all of you a season of happy holidays, however you celebrate!

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